Laser Hair Removal | Glendale, Ca

Silky Smooth and Hair Free

No more shaving or waxing! Welcome to silky smooth and hair-free skin. With its proven track record, laser hair reduction is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures in the U.S., leaving both men and woman hairless.

Laser hair reduction is a medical procedure which uses a laser to target the hair follicles, inhibiting hair growth in the future. Each laser pulse takes just a fraction of a second and treats multiple hair follicles simultaneously.

Treatment areas include:

  • Bikini area

  • Chest

  • Back

  • Legs

  • Face

  • Chin

  • Arms

  • Underarms

What to Expect from Laser Hair Removal

Small areas, such as the underarms and lips, can be treated in less than one minute. In contrast, larger areas such as the back and legs may take up to an hour.

Most patients will need 6-8 treatments to see the full effects of the procedure. Every person may experience different results, but most experience a 90% hair reduction after the completion of the full series of treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Pre and Post-Treatment Instructions

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Who May Benefit from Laser Hair Removal

Both men and women can benefit from this safe, affordable, and highly effective laser hair reduction treatment with optimal results for stubborn hair. With minimal pain, fast treatments, and predictability, a laser hair removal is a great option if you want to take a stand against unwanted hair.

Avoid ingrown hairs, missed hair patches while shaving, and the pain of waxing by consulting a Soma Medical Spa team member in Glendale, CA to see if laser hair reduction is the right treatment for you!